About Us

About Us


THE VOICE COMMUNITY (TVC) is a Five-fold ministry, New Testament church, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are built upon the declaration of the voice of God, with Psalm 29 being a key chapter that brings out the reality and the power of the voice of God, over every affair of man.

Every thing we do at The Voice Community is informed by the voice of God. We do not start from the activity; we start from the mind of God.

The vision of TVC is to be a platform for the propagation of the Apostolic Reformation of the church in the context of CONGRESS WBN ,a Global, Apostolic Network whose founder is Dr Noel Woodroffe.

Obadiah & Rose Mwaura
Obadiah Mwaura is the Senior Elder of The Voice Community (TVC) which he founded in March 2013. He is married to Rose Mwaura and God has blessed them with two sons,Victor and Asaph.

At The Voice Community, there is a consistent need for every individual to be resourced by the down streaming grace of God. This is the core of building our community life.

HEBRON COMPANY is the name we give to our men people group.

DEBORAH COMPANY is the name we give to our ladies people group.

We name our children ministry, PROJECT HERITAGE, because they are an integral part of our responsibility from God.