“This trip was the FIRST FRUITS of the TVC Village Reality.” – OM

In 2014, the Senior Elder (SE) of The Voice Community (TVC), Pastor Obadiah Mwaura gave a prophetic proclamation that one day he would take a flight down to the coast with the Project Heritage (PH) children for a holiday. Ordinarily, it is not a common thing for Kenyan families to fly. It is considered a thing for the rich. Many Kenyans die having never taken a flight. For most adults, this proclamation looked like impossibility. Yet for the PH children this was a doorway to a world of possibilities. This proclamation landed in their hearts with great joy and they all looked forward to this great day.

Since the inception of TVC in 2013, God has continually and consistently been building up the community in different ways through His speaking. The voice of God has been keen to shape the identity of the community by transforming the way of thinking. This proclamation carried this intent.

After about 3 years from the initial proclamation, one of the PH children asked the SE when he would be taking them to Mombasa by flight. This question had an awakening reality inside of the SE’s heart that this trip should take place sooner than later. There is a tendency to reason humanly, to wait for the conditions to be favorable. But the season for this word had arrived and no more waiting could suffice.

In the first quarter of the year 2017 the SE gave out a structure that shepherded the community towards fulfilling this word. Every child was required to get a home bank and start saving. They were also required to source for funds through creative income generating activities. Some children made artistic hand ribbons and sold to the community. The parents were required to make monthly savings and deposit them to a bank account. Initially the trip was to take place in December 2017, but an erratic electioneering process in Kenya halted much activity in the land and the dates were pushed to April 2018.

As the team gathered at Wilson Airport in the morning of 10th April 2018, the air was full of palpable excitement. This was a day of fulfillment. This was that! The trip was coming shortly after an explosive TVC 5th anniversary. The SE elder described it as a mark of a new season of seeing the things God described being fulfilled. It was the day when the community started experiencing real time, the TVC Village reality of A NEW WAY TO LIVE.

From the airport to the apartments and in all the places we visited, we found people strategically positioned by God to assist and to give us the most memorable experiences. The angel of the Lord went ahead of us. Every thing was flowing effortlessly. The doors were already open and the land was welcoming us in unusual way. It was a new phase with a massive movement of God. There were many things that we were able to do because of the faith of our children.

Community life was at its best! This was a holiday like no other! We discovered the treasures hidden in community life – the real life. There was acceleration, breaking of limitations, shared life, breaking of dividing walls and building of correct relational connections. Sight was being developed as we reflected on the doing of God. We experience the fathering anointing that released all manner of blessings. We tasted the first fruit of the land God is bringing us into and we all agreed that the fruit is good and the land is ours for possession. Beyond the trip being eventful there was an impartation that came.

Psalm 107:23-24 TNT
23 Those who go down to the sea in ships,
Who do business on great waters;
24 They have seen the works of the Lord,
And His wonders in the deep.

Meanwhile the entire community had been tracking the trip through our social media platforms with posts of photos and videos. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the return. And with hearts readied for stories from Mombasa we had many forums to reflect on what happened. Our coming back had a structure that activated the entire community into the reality of the Promised Land. This allowed us to consolidate the gains from the trip and to calibrate the community toward the broad place that was unfolding in front of us.

“Life in the future will be broad with many people, many things and much resource.” – OM, April 2018

God was using this experience to shape the community in a fresh new way. There was an evident massive release of grace for all kinds of things. When the environment is right God produces all kinds of things. This year we tasted the fruit of the land we are possessing.

“WE HAVE BEGUN TO TOUCH THE FULFILLMENT END OF THE PROPHETIC SPECTRUM. As we move ahead there will be more of fulfillment of the things that have been spoken.” – OM, April 2018

Mombasa has become an icon opening us up into a new reality in God. Indeed the Mombasa experience was for all of us.

And now the SE has declared, “WE ARE GOING BEYOND MOMBASA!” OM

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