30 Apr


We are living in a season of the immeasurable grace of God. We are not alone. The Lord Himself is committed to our becoming holy.

What a joyful time to live!

The word EXACTNESS has created massive spiritual energy and a powerful unfolding of divine purpose to keep us moving forward to the Finish.

But the riches of heaven’s life and resources are accessed when a man learns to engage in MEANINGFUL SPIRITUAL TRANSACTIONS at the right time. Moments of transaction is a spiritual technology for access to divine resource.

We have to learn about the reality of spiritual transactions rather than accumulating the notes.

By transacting correctly and at the right time a person gets SHIFTED into a more correct place (maturity) in God.

Today is a day of quality spiritual transactions. All the saints are reaching for a high level of spiritual maturity. You transact with your faith.


1. BE AWARE that GOD IS HERE and the gateway to heaven’s vast resources are widely open waiting for your transactions. To not discern the season of God is a violation to divine systems ordained by God.

2. Engage in STRONG MOMENTS OF TRANSACTIONAL PRAYERS with a new zeal and hungry heart. A General Alert from God must be met by a deep desire to be refreshed in our walk with God.

3. We have to VOCALIZE our response with the spiritually meaningful words. Jacob voiced his response when he became aware of the spiritual ladder in Gen 28.

It is not meaningful in a linguistic sense but rather a heartfelt groaning. A cry stemming from a Spirit-birthed yearning to become what He says we must become.

4. DO NOT POSTPONE times of spiritual transactions. A lot of BECOMING is because of a serious time of spiritual transaction rather than by just revising notes at a later time. Do not take such moments casually or lightly. You cannot postpone a moment of spiritual transaction to your own convenience. God cannot fit into your personal schedule.

5. During or after an SSE, DO NOT BE QUICK TO SWITCH OFF your thoughts from what happened to you and to go back to a lifeless routine.

We can learn from our brethren all across the Congress. Here is an excerpt from a report from Papua New Guinea in 2015 during a visit by DNW.

“It was beautiful to see the harmony of spiritual ascent. The people were beginning to EXERCISE THEIR SPIRITS. It was easy to move from listening into corporate transactional moments. They were laser-locked to DNW. In these moments hands would be fully extended, voices raised and hearts wide open, ensuring the moment was being fully maximized for the EXCHANGE OF LIFE.” (ES PNG, Day 2 Report, 03.03.15)

For us in TVC even though we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, as we engage the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered, pleading for us in harmony with God’s will. [Romans 8:26-27]

By these principles may faith increase in your heart to aid your transactions. Just don’t miss it!

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